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RESPECT project

Telling the stories of senior members of our LGBTIQ+ community.

The RESPECT commissioning project is creating new music by LGBTQ+ composers, inspired by the lives, loves, and adventures experienced by senior members of our community. So far 5 works for string quintet, 6 voices, and occasional piano have been commissioned in collaboration with the 5 regional Victorian pride festivals. Homophonic! is committed to bringing together cross-generational artistic goals, and having community stories told by community artists. Trans stories told by Trans artists, regional stories told by regional artists, non-binary stories told by non-binary artists.

Cultural history is essential to our personal identities, and history is remembered by those who wrote it down... Queer cultural history isn't passed down around a multi-generational dinner table at the holidays, so it's the responsibility of artists and story tellers to write our stories down in a way that will pass on through generations. The moments captured so far in the RESPECT project are diverse, loving, and determined. Telling important moments of every day queer lives. These pieces will continue to be performed, recorded, and shared. The community members who have heard the works written about them have been moved and amazed at the outcome, and say that it's been an affirming and emotional experience. As an ensemble, it's an amazing project, and brings together everything we hold dear. Community, Queer arts, and amazing music.


We are very excited to be working towards a studio recording and release of these impactful and important works. Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a major donor.


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